El Valle Women's Collaborative is a creative Organization which gives the community a view point necssary to provide beneficial learning programs as well as sustainable economic plans for community services. They were founded with binding principles which give the organization a more practical approach for community projects!


The Vision of the El Valle Women's Collaborative is to create support and
strengthen a way of being in the world based upon women's knowledge
and ancient wisdom.


Through the co-creation of a safe and inspiring environment the El Valle
Women's Collaborative will enhance the lives of women and their families
in the areas of econnomic and environmental sustainability and metal and
physical health.

Guiding Principles

We promote health equity by balancing mind, body and spirt. We care for and honor our relationship with pachamama. We recognize our original foods as medicines. We defend our waters from our oceans, lakes, streams, and to our bodies. We advocate for racial and economic equality through arts and social justice. We promote education for our children and families that fosters consciousness raising and care for the earth and waters. We love, care for and respect each other.